Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Location: Ridglea Country Club, 3700 Bernie Anderson Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Topic: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – come learn how to focus on the courage it takes to try new things, to discover new talents and try new avenues of learning. Essentially becoming uncomfortable at first, by stepping out of your comfort zone, only to force yourself to try harder. Exploring the idea that nothing comes out of being comfortable, nothing creative, nothing new.

Speaker: Joey Batts

Networking: 5:30 pm
Announcements: 6:00 pm
Dinner: 6:30 pm
Program: 7:00pm

Menu: Salad, Chicken parmesan, meatball lasagna, vegetable medley, fettuccini with basil, and seven-layer buttermilk chocolate fudge cake

Preferred Partner Spotlight: Smith-Hamilton

We are collecting bottles of red and white wine for our CMN event in August – please bring a bottle of wine to donate to this very worthy cause! For every bottle of win that you donate, you will get SIX raffle tickets ($5 value)

Don’t forget: bring your $1 bills to participate in our heads or tails game!

ATTENTION YP’s: Attendance Award: Don’t forget to fill out your attendance card at each meeting! YP’s have a chance to win an additional $25/meeting attended in a special drawing for YP’s only at the December meeting. *Must be present at the December meeting to win.

RSVP to Maribel Moreland at Maribel.moreland@eecu.org by 5pm on Friday, June 22nd to attend. The cost to attend the event/dinner is $35. Credit Unions under $10M are free. $10-$20M are $20. Preferred Partners must make reservations for all attending. Reservations received after June 22 will be billed $40. Reservations not cancelled before 5pm on June 22 will still be billed.